Rowland Consonance preamp needs a phono preamp

A friend is offering me a Jeff Rowland Consonance preamp for a great price, but it doesn't have a phono preamp. Problem is, I listen to a lot of vinyl. Can I find a good phono preamp and cables for around $200, or should I just forget it?


Call JR and ask if they have the phono for this pre amp and ask how much it would cost to install. My guess $200 -$300

i bought a consanance a few years ago and also wanted a phono stage---I called Rowland and they had one laying around, I think they sold it to me for $200-$300-it is simply a approx 3x3 inch black box pluin module.
Thanks for the tip - I'll give Rowland a call. Does their phono stage require a wall wart and additional cables?

Has anyone tried the Trigon Vanguard II made in Germany? It's available locally for $200.

I just called Rowland - they want $450 for the plug in phono stage. Ouch.
Do it. The Phono Section from this one is really good.
You can buy a Yaqin MS11-B on ebay for around $100.00. I don't know anything that competes at the price. It is about as good as anything that you can buy under $500.00. If you can swing it, I'd buy the Rowland. You'll be glad that you bought the Rowland.
as an owner of a rowland consonance i highly recommend the phono stage.
i have a VPI Aries turntable with a Benz M09 MC cartridge and records sound
very good- plus the phono pre is VERY quiet. it is easy to install and has adjustments for MM/MC and more.
also see if you can get the JRDG sorbothane pads (probably included in the sale)
that stick on top of the line stage and phono stage modules to reduce resonances. Of Course if you can find a better phono pre than the rowland that's fine, but don't try to save money and end up with an inferior product.
there is another catch to all this- Rowland offered (and i bought) a phono AND line stage upgrade years ago- $400 for each module- which improved the sound a good 25% or more. i don't have golden ears like some folks but i heard a remarkable and very welcome improvement in soundstaging and imaging. whenever i see a consonance for sale on Audiogon i look for but seldom if ever see any mention of this significant improvement of the preamp.
P.S. it is a good idea to clean all the pins on both line and phono modules- a good contact cleaner is a nice accessory to have. as long as you have the top off of the unit you may as well do this also.
P.S.S.- the rowland consonance is "almost" as good, IMHO, as anything (SS) you can buy regardless of price. if you get the upgrades i mentioned you might never even have to buy another preamp. seeing these units going for less than $1K is a joke- ask ANY rowland dealer or owner and see if they don't agree with me 110%.
Thanks everyone! I'm going to buy my friend's Consonance the get the phono stage (the original version, I believe) from Rowland.