Rowland Concerto - Has anyone heard it yet

My Rowland dealer has not received this new product yet but said a few dealers have received them. Has anyone heard the new Concerto? Impressions?
The preamp? (I don't think the Concerto integrated is out yet.) The preamp "should" be close to the Synergy IIi; from what I understand it is based on the Synergy IIi, but a one-box unit instead of two and without the features...not that this answers your question.
I ordered one y'day. They said shipping should start in two weeks. Can't wait! They had filled 80 orders of last week.

What is the price of the Concerto? I heard $5,900 without phono.
Bob, that is the price I was told too, and $3900 for the preamp.
Email me off line and we'll talk.
The JRDG web site says the Concerto integrated amp will be available mid 2004. Please see for the details including front and rear pictures. I also heard $5,900 but you should confirm this price with your retailer. I am also very interested in hearing from people that have purchased this amp. Thanks..
Yes, it's $5900 retail without phono, should begin shipping in 2 weeks. I'll post my impressions when i get mine.

I look forward to your impressions and anyone else who receives the integrated.

Well, the dealer i bought mine thru{ audio revelation} told me 2 weeks, but he was mistaken. Now it looks more like August before i will get mine. Bummer.....
Well Guys,
I finally received my Concerto y'day after 2 1/2 months of waiting. Right out of the box it sounds awesome. Bass is tight and deep, great soundstage. Best sound i've ever had. Past amps include Rowland model 10, Bat vk 60, Clayton s40, Belles integrated. If it gets any better as it breaks in i'm in for a real treat... I'll post a picture of it tommorrow. It is sweet!
Great to hear Street! I am glad it finally arrived and you are being rewarded with great tunes. Keep us posted.
Glad to hear the Concerto sounds fabulous. I have B&W 9NTs with Krell CD input. Hope they will be a good match. Mine (Concerto integrated)will arrive in 6 weeks Thanks Street!
concerto or concentra- what are we talking about? the CONCERTO is the new PREAMP from jrdg- anyone heard IT???
French_fries, JRDG makes a preamp and integrated both called the Concerto; the Concentra is discontinued.
my apologies- the concerto pre- was announced 1st. i'd still like to know, since it's a lot newer than the synergy, if the sonics are worse or better- that would be a big dilemma for synergy owners. i myself have m-12 amps which were "supposed" to be some of the best switching amps you could buy- and a lot less money than halcro and even linn. then, jrdg did a "180" with the 301's and 201's. the m-12's still sound phenomenal to me, even though i thought "they" were a little puny. if their girlie-man stuff gets any smaller they'll be competing with i-pods.
In talking with JRDG, I am told the new Concerto pre will be very close to the Synergy IIi but without some of the IIi's features, the Synergy IIi has the advantage of the separate power supply.
My Concerto preamp is 3 weeks old now.

So far, so good. Much better than anything else I've ever owned.

Quiet, fast, dynamic. Recommended.
Hi All,

Great to hear that the Concerto is living up to its audiophile 'buzz' in your systems!

I'm thinking of a Concerto as a long-term update to my current system, which is based around an original Rowland Concentra. It's not that I'm unhappy with the current system in any way (in fact, I'm really pleased with the synergy and overall performance of the system below), just that the upgrade bug has bitten. In all likelihood, I'll stay with the same manufacturers, and acquire the most recent version of their equipment that corresponds to what I use now.

Unfortunately, my pockets aren't deep enough to pay for a new Concerto, so I'll need to wait until a used market develops.

I'd love to hear more from anyone considering upgrading from a Concentra/Concentra II to the Concerto Integrated, particularly if you share additional system components:

Rowland Concentra Integrated
Wilson-Benesch ACT-One Speakers
Meridian 588 CD
Equitech Son of Q Power Cond.
Alpha-Core AG-2 speaker cables
Kimber Select 1130 inteconnect
JPS Labs Digital power cord (CD)
Granite Audio 560 power cord (Amp)
Assorted Sonex/RPG room treatment

Thanks in advance, and happy listening!