Rowland Concentra vs ...........

Hi, I've got an all tube system that I love (CJ Premier 12's, Audible Illusions M3a, Sonic Frontiers Phono One, etc) but sometime feel I'd like to have fewer boxes and less overhead of worrying about worn tubes. DO YOU THINK THE ROWLAND CONCENTRA IS ACCEPTABLE TO A TUBE PERSON? Have you heard this amp? How would you describe it? Also, do any of you have any feedback on Rowland Concentra One versus the latest model Two, or the upcoming smaller model? How do these units compare? Finally.. Is the phono stage of the Rowland any good for MC?
Recently switched from Pass P/5/Ono setup to the JRDG Concentra I. Did it to simplify the system. Sonically, the Concentra is execellent. It has no obvious faults. The musical presentation is slightly soft, but still natural The phono section is very good. It will work with all but the lowest output cartridges. I like the Rowland, it's a pleasure to use, but only you can say whether it will work for you. Good luck!
onhwy61 makes excellent points, which i shan't repeat. i'd suggest, tho, that you also consider one of the accuphase integrateds. i think they better the jrdg but, as noted by mr. 61, you are the only judge whose vote counts (do try to avoid hanging chads).
I have owned the concentra 1 and currently own a pathos twin tower rr integrated. The concentra was very nice...powerful, smooth, first rate build but IMHO the Pathos is a much more exciting amp to listen through. It is also a visual knockout. It does use 2-12ax7's as a hybrid. The pathos is only 35w but in my experience can drive any real world speaker very well. I have no experience with the Accuphase integrateds but understand they are outstanding.