Rowland Concentra mk1 - Leaving it on?

I have had this babe for over 4 yrs now, boxed for a long time, got my new place and now its in my secondary system.

First time I beleive I left it on 3 days straight (after using it for over 9 months straight)....its HOT! like fairly hot, even the faceplate warm to hot. Normal? should I power it down while not in use.

And yesterday was the scare. the volume control stoped working for like 1 minute when you physically turn the knob up. the remote volume works fine since I trust thats the microprocessor doing its job. then it just came back to normal. Just curious if this could have happened since it got hot maybe? any advise?thx
Warm on top, cool on the faceplate. Never hot as far as I can recall with mine when I owned it. I would probably have it checked out.
Thanks, BJ.
I owned several of these but I don't have one right now. I do recall however, that the entire chassis is the heat sink and does get pretty warm as a result. I also seem to remember that my volume control did that same thing once.
Why don't you call JRDG and ask them? It's a more reliable information source than any of us.
I owned two MkII units and they warm to the touch all over, it is normal so don't worry yourself. Also, it is designed to be left on, so again, don't worry yourself about it. On the volume issue, I agree with Macrojack, give JRDG a call.
The amp should be warm, but not hot. Call Rowland, they have excellent service.
The amp should be warm, but not hot.
I think our various opinions are making the water murkier!

Just to clarify my experience, there were times when touching the unit that it was borderline uncomfortable to do so.

They did help, I have 2 of these beauties, I just sold one of my amp....this one is actually fine now, it just happened once and never happened again. could be something else but it still runs warm I guess.