Rowland Concentra ll

Has anyone heard the new version of the Concentra? How is it different form the original, besides power? What about dynamics? Thanks in advance for any input. Bruce
I used to owna Concentra and bought a pair of mono tube amps later. I went to my dealer to listen to the new Concentra last week, and got to bring it home for a night over the weekend. It's much faster, has better bass grip, and is completely wide open and clean. I'm letting the dealer sell my amps on consignment and I'll be ordering a CII as soon as they go. I'd put the CII over most separates.
What is the list price of a new Rowland Concentra ll?
The list price of the Rowland Concentra II is $6500 without the phono stage, $7100 with.
Can I upgrade my Rowland Concentra amp to a Rowland Concentra II amp? What is the upgrade cost and expected sound improvement? Based on my past experience, audio component upgrades usually do not match improvements made to the new product. thanks.....