Rowland Concentra 2

Has anyone heard the new integrated from Rowland (Concentra 2)? What is your take on this unit. My understanding is that this unit has more power (175W) than the first version of this integrated.
Russell- I believe its 150 wpc versus 100 for version 1. I had version one, and thought it was great- favorite SS. Have not heard version 2, but understand it exerts slightly more authority over the woofers for bass response. I read somewhere that some thought that version 1 of the Concentra was (slightly) warmer than version 2 (kinda like the ARC Ref 2 preamp MK1 vs MK2 analogy), although both of course have the patented Rowland SS musicality. Hopefully others will be more helpful- good luck!
I heard the new one at Stereo Exchange in NYC just last week. It sounded great teamed with a pair of ProAc Response 2.5's and a Close Encounters of the Third Kind looking Oracle CD player. It made me want one. I thought, "Who needs separates with sound like this?" That being said, I have never heard the original Concentra, so cannot offer a comparison.