Rowland classic comparision: Model 8 vs. 12's

Looking into some oldie-but-goodies.
Have you compared the Rowland Model 8 to the Model 12's?
What are your thoughts about these amps?
Also- any thouights on how these two compare to the curent 201/501 amps?
Thanks for your recollections.
I've owned the Model's 1,10 and 501. the 501 is the better of the 3 in every respect.

Conventional wisdom various owners that I know (incl. myself) is that the 10 and 12 kick butt over the 201/501 series in a big way. the 8/9 series was pretty well regarded, on par with the 10/12 at least I'd think. 8's with the BPS would be pretty righteous, but a lot bigger and more power hungry than a pair of 12s. I have a 10, which I prefer to the 201/501 series.

I have reviewed the 302, 8TiHC and owned the original 8. In retrospect, I prefered the 8TiHC and still miss it to this day. The 12's did not do it for me.
As an owner of an original Model 8 with choke power supply, I found it far superior to the model 201 I heard, at least IMHO. Have not heard the 501 so cannot say, but the 201 was not in the same league as my 8. The 201 was far less resolving and seemed much less powerful with restricted dynamics and loss of focus at both ends of the frequency.
I owned a 10, and have owned a 302 for about 3 years. I think the 302 is far superior. Although something better always come along, I don't imagine ever getting rid of my 302.