Rowland Capri vs. BAT 3ixSE

I already am using a BAT 3ixSE with supertubes and thinking about going with a J. Rowland Capri to match my rowland 201 mono amps. Would this be a step up or step down in preamps?
Pugstub, the answer is a loud and clear. . . it depends!

I have not listened to the BAT 3ixSE, but am somewhat familiar with the BAT VK52SE, which is a marvellous example of linestage of a classic tube philosophy, where captivating sound takes slight precedence over extension and linearity. I have not A/Bd 52SE directly with Capri, but I have compared directly 52SE with ARC REF 3. . . and have compared quite at length ARC Ref 3 with Capri on my own system.

With the premise that my ideal is an accurate and just slightly sweet sound, great frequency extension at both ends without obvious trofs or emphasized areas, great harmonic exposure, superior authority, macro and microdynamics (not on steroids), first class staging and imaging, but not necessarily a 'warm' sound per se, I preferred ARC Ref 3 over BAT VK52SE, and Capri over ARC Ref 3. Capri is my current reference linestage.

So, you understand why the bottom line is. . . "it depends". . . because it always depends on one's priorities.