Rowland Capri Preamp

One of my friends is looking for a Preamp from Rowland, but honestly, I am not up to date with them. My last contact was with the 3 Box Consummate, I did like it, but it is long out of production. How is this Capri unit? Sonically?
Is it worth to go or is it just "nice" for the money? My buddy would like to have it with the internal Phono board?
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not bad for the $. very quite, on the warm side of things.
I like the many volume steps of the volume pot.
built like a tank-very solid unit.
I enjoyed it very much when i had it.
Been there ,done that,got the T-Shirt.Very slick like a fine piece of jewellery,however,it just didn't draw me into the music.That's just me in my system.Guidocorona is the go to guy for a detailed well read opinion on the Capri.
I owned one and felt it was a lot of preamp for the money.
Thank you for your help. May I ask, what was the reason why most of you did go to another one some time later?
I moved on simply because I found the musicality of my current tube pre amp more satisfying.
I suggest doing a search, or send an email to Guidocorona. He has said a lot about this preamp. He's had extensive experience with it, and has only positive things to say. Incidentally, I auditioned it and thought it was terrific for the money.
Markwatkiss, can you say what your current preamp is? thanks

I just prefer passive preamps, no other reason.
I find the Capri magical, I was using the ARC LS-9, and the Capri is much more musical and effortless. The amp has wonderful transparency and a nice controlled (but not muted) bass. Rowland products seem to "idle" through the music, never pushing.