Rowland Capri Phono

Just installed the Rowland phono cards in the Capri preamp. Sounds great right away, though I was wondering how long to expect for full break in. Thanks.
I put them in a Continuum 500 (same circuit as Capri according to Jeff Rowland) and I burned it in for 80-hours before really listening a lot. I did try it for an hour or so before burn in. When I finished burn in there was no earth shattering difference. It sounded good before and it sounded good after.

BTW, I've got a little reverse RIAA circuit which I put between a CD player and the phono stage to lower the gain and present a cartridge-like signal to the phono stage for burn in. I loan it out to friends in the Denver area for such things. Anyway, I don't think the Capri's circuit really needs much burn in.

It tool 300hrs before my Capri settled down, I then added phono cards and they seemed to be good from the start. I have not heard any significant change once they were warmed up for an hour or two.