Rowland Amps.....which one for me

Assocaited equipment: Thiel 22's Jeff Rowland Coherence One Parasond 2200 CAL Audio Delta/Alpha I am just about ready to upgrade my amplifier. The Parasond is rated at 400 WPC at 4 Ohms and feel that my Thiels are finally sounding like they should. My previous amp was a Hafler rated at half the power. I have made the decision to balance things out by choosing a Jeff Rowland Amp. Because of the vintage and budget of my system, classic gear is what makes since for me. I'm looking at the model 3 mono blocks (200wpc), model 5 (300wpc) and maybe the model 7 mono blocks (700wpc). By listening room is 20x14 and i listen to all types of music. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Denis
the model 5 and 7's have much the same sound quality ( the monos, of course, have bigger balls) . moreover, a 5 is virtually the same size as 1 model 7. if you have the room and a sufficient number of beefy friends to help position them, i'd go for the 7's. i would also look for a pair of model 1's to run bridged. they are more current than either the 5 or 7 and, IMO, are more musical. FWIW, i've owned several jrdg amps and currently use an 8ti to power avalon eidolons (also nominal 4 ohm speakers-the 8 is rated at 400 w/side into this load).
Also consider the Model 1 in a mono configuration (200wpc). A word of caution, try to audition the amp first. Matching Rowland preamps with their power amps from this vintage will have a very distinctive sound (a golden glow, more mellow than detailed). Be sure you want to go in that direction. I love JRD equipment and strongly recommend it for any music lover. Good luck!
Second the opinion on the Model one. One of the best amps Rowland made,in a great package and compliments the 2 2's tonally. You can try one in stereo and if you like it you can get another. They run about $1200-1400 each.
Going in the right direction .The Parasound is agood amp., but the Rowlands are great amps.Any Rowland of 200 watts or more will be ample power for your speakers, and their sweet presentation will complement very well the highly detailed nature of the Thiels.You may want to consider the 8T. A more refined overall nature yet with lots of detail.You will also save some space which you could use later for a battery pack to take the system to a different level.You ca'nt go wrong either way.