Rowland amps

I have done a lot of research and for what I am trying to accomplish, I am going to audition the Rowland 12 mono amps (used) and the new M201 mono amps (new). Has anyone auditioned these two models of amps and what did you think. I have the following system:

B & Nautalis 802 speakers
Meridian 588 CD player
CAL CL-10 multi disk
Birdland Ag DAC
Audio Magic power conditioners

I listen to female vocalists and jazz mostly. Although I have to admit I love Willie Nelson and if he does not sound good I won't buy it. Everyone has their weaknesses. Thanks again for any advice.
I have a CL-10 and the 12's (love'm!)

I have not auditionned the 201's. However, though they have less power, from the buzz I hear, the 12's may out perform the 201's.

Truthfully, whichever amp you decide on, I'll bet you will have fabulous results!
I have 201s which replaced a Concentra II but I have not heard the Twelves which are an extension and refinement of the power amp in the Concentra. Much better.

After 20 years of Rowland watching and having owned about a dozen of his products, I can tell you that he never goes backwards. In other words, when it comes to Rowland, the newer, the better.

The only possible exception is debatable ......... that being the Coherence II replacement by the Synergy. I've heard it both ways on that one.
Macrojack, I assume you are very happy with the M201s?

Couldn't be happier. They sound great, take up very little space while allowing for ultra short speaker cables ( I bought jumpers that were long enough), and you can move an amp with one hand.

And they are Rowland elegant.