Rowland 8 or 9 vs. model 10 or 12

Has anyone compared the new sounds of the model 10 or 12 to the older references of model 8 or 9?
Well if you gonna drive Extremas with Rowland take model 8 Ti perfect for this application.....model 12 is supposedly better than model 8 Ti but Extremas are not easy to drive and they like power. Good luck ;-)
Yes I have had the model 12's at my home for about 4 weeks, and then now have the model 10 and the 8Ti/HC. All of the models I just mentioned sound the same with exception of power. Essentially, the model 8Ti/HC is the same as 2 pairs of Model 12's. As I listen to the amps, I like the model 8Ti/HC the best for speakers that require a lot of power with low impedance and low efficiency. Both the model 12 and the model 10 has the same sound, in some ways the model 10's seems faster due to lower transister count. I had no problems driving the Reval salons with the model 10's at very high volume levels (enough to shake your shirt). The model 12 is slightly faster then the model 8Ti/HC but again, the overall sound is exactly the same (Timbre, tone, timing/pace, high and low extensions). Even the background noise level was indistinguishable. On the other hand, compared to the older 8T or the 9T's the sound is significantly different. The older amps sound much more rounder with rolled off high and lows. The new 8Ti/HC is extremely clean, fast, and coherant. It also has better punch and dynamics as well as more power then the Model 10 and 12's. The model 10 uses 6 output devices per channel, the model 12 uses the full 12 devices per channel and the model 8Ti/HC uses 24 devices per channel using the same circuit toplogy and devices as the new amps. The older 8Ti only uses 12 devices per channel (essentially the same as model 12's) using the same circuit layout. From what I understand, there will be a Switch mode power supply for the new 8Ti/HC in the same type of chassis. In which case the sound will be identical in all respects with added power handling capability. But the machine work on those 10 and 12's are best that I have ever seen.