rowland 8 latest version and Aleph 1.2

How would compare these 2 amps and why choose on over the other.
technicalty, musicality, service, etc
Service and integrity of Rowland is beyound reproach. Nelson pass has screwed people in the industry leaving them hanging out to dry while took moved on.
Who did Nelson leave high and dry? I assume you must be talking about Threshold. From what I remember, when Threshold went out of business, Nelson had already left the company. Why should he be blamed for the failings of the new management? I have been dealing with Nelson and his staff at Pass Labs for several years and have had nothing but top notch service from them.
well, knowing all of it.
In your humble opinion of music or equipment lover what would you advise in terms of technology and musicality regarding these 2 amps
rowland 8tchi
aleph 1,2 monos