Rowland 501 PC-1 into Audience aR12

I have Rowland 501 Monoblocks configured with the PC-1 power conditioning option. I have an Audience adeptResponse aR12. I want to know if it is safe to plug the PC-1's into the Audience. I e-mailed both Audience and Rowland and have not received a response. I wanted to try this both for a possible sound improvement and to reduce power cord clutter. However, I do not want to risk frying anything. Your experience is very much appreciated.
Usarrn, the Rowland PC-1 accepts 85V to 265V, 50Hz to 60Hz for input. PC-1 outputs high voltage DC current, 385V to be specific. In theory at least, the Audience may be able to feed the PC-1 without blowing apart. The reverse may not be true. Unless your Audience conditioner sports an autosensing, self ranging, universal switch mode power supply compatible with PC-1, as soon as the AR-12 is activated you will enjoy a multi-sensorial exciting show of sparkly lights, perhaps a little flame or two, pop-crackling sounds, pretty plumes of feathery smoke, delightful scent of roasting electronics, followed by. . . deep three-dymensional silence, and.. . a major repair bill on who knows how many components, NOT covered by any manufacturer's warranty. With language only slightly less poetic than mine, but much starker, the issue is accurately discussed on the laminated card attached by ROWLAND to the power-pigtail of your PC-1.

Bottomline: Caveat experimentor! G.
Dear Guidocorona, Thank you for your informative response. Could you please clarify what you mean by "In theory at least, the Audience may be able to feed the PC-1 without blowing apart. The reverse may not be true." Especially the last sentence, what do you mean by "reverse."
Usarrn, as Audience AR-12 outputs in the US 120V AC, and the PC-1 accepts 120V AC as input, at least in theory, nothing bad should happen. I say "at least in theory" because I have never tried it, and WILL NOT guarantee to you that your system will not be damaged by the experiment. Furthermore, by feeding Audience AR-12 into PC-1, and then PC-1 into the JRDG501, it is possible that you may reduce the dynamic range of your system.

Please note that the PC-1 outputs 385V DC, and this is likely to be incompatible with the Audience AR-12 input requirements. As such, if you plug PC-1 into the wall outlet, and then you plug the PC-1's output into the AR-12's input socket, you are very likely to blow up the Audience AR-12, and perhaps the rest of your system.

Best, Guido
Usarn, I have a pair of PC1 feed via Hydra V-Ray (230v), and do not have any problems. I'll need to compare if the Hydra makes any improvements but a this stage do not have any problems electrically.
My Audience is 120 volts unfortuantely. Thank you both for your time, shared experience and informative responses.
Dtanclim, are you using the PC-1s to feed Rowland 501 monos? I'd be very curious to learn what difference you experience plugging the PC-1s directly into a wall outlet. . . . decreased refinement? . . . any change in dynamics/authority?
Hi Guido, I'm gonna need some time before I can do that as I on a business trip in Montreal. BTW, I like the reviews on the Rowland amp's, very articulate and precise.
Thank you Dtanclim, I do readily admit of being extremely partial about my Rowland Model 312 amp. Let me know more after you return from Montreal. Guido