Rowland 302 V. Krell 700CX


I own a Rowland 302 with Wilson Watt Puppy 7.0 with BATVK51SE Preamp. I use a Cary 306-200. I used to own a Krell 400cx. I like the Rowland better than the Krell 400CX with my system but was wondering if anyone thinks the Krell 700cx would best the Rowland? I am not looking for a monoblock configuration.

Check out the Boulder 2060, David Shapario(a member here at audiogon) has gone through TONS of large SS amps(including the brands you've mentioned) and he feels the search is now over with the 2060. If your looking for SOTA very powerful SS amps you really owe it to yourself to listen to the Boulder.
What is it that you are trying to accomplish? I have never listened to the Rowlands but if it bested the Krell 400cx, you certainly have plenty of power for the WP7's. May I suggest trying Transparent Ref XL's speaker cables with those WP's.
Preface this by saying "IMHO"

Krell - not musical, analytical, dynamic, great bass slam

Rowland - musical and smooth, fantastic soundstaging, full bass, recreates the live event

These are two totally different beasts even though they are both solid state. I would imagine the change from the Krell to the Rowland (also factoring in your upstream electronics) is that you now are having a little less dynamics and bass slam, but much more smoothness and musicality (which is what I prefer). If you are looking for a little more of the Krell 'slam' I would suggest selling your Cary tube Cd player for a Wadia, or other high - end non tubed CD player. Too much tubes and smoothness is sometimes too much!
The new Krells 450 and 750 monos break away from the typical Krell sound, in fact they are one of the most musical amps that I have heard versus JC-1s, Marsh, Bryston, Sim mono blocks. But they are $$$$$$.

Audition a pair and see what I mean.

Happy Listening.