Rowland 12's or Levinson 436's to drive N802's?

I have N802's and a Bryston 4B SST now. Would like to open things up a bit and looking for greater detail. My research has brought to either of the two above. Any feedback would be welcome.
I would take the Jeff Rowland Model 12 over the Levinson 436 any day. The Rowland Model 12 is about the best amp I had the pleasure of hearing on the B&W Signature 800 and the Revel Salon.
The Jeff Rowland Model 12 is definitely the way to go with the B&W N802s. Likewise I thought the Model 12s were one of the finest amplifier I had audition, althought at that time I couldn't afford them. The levinson is a little on the dark side, slow and sluggish with the B&W. The Rowland is exactly the opposite, it's fast and clear, not to mention a little sweet. The close amplifier I can think of that similiar to the Rowland Model 12 is the Spectral DMA-360.