Rowland 112 vs.Sim Audio W-5

I am looking at these two amps for purchase and comparison. Would anyone care to compare the sonic traits of each. I am running CJ pre with B&W 803N. I do plan on demoing but would like a little info before I start.
I owned a W5 and now own a Concentra II, (combination 112 and Synergy pre). They are quite different. I am much happier with the Rowland. It is far more musical. It doesn't have the dynamics of the W5, but provides much more pleasure over the long run. Both are transparent, detailed and have excellent soundstages. The Sim can really control your speakers and has a better bottom end. The Rowland draws me into the music much more and is not fatigueing. The thing that stands out the most is the fact that I grow to like the Concentra more as time goes on and with the Sim, that was not the case. If you listen to rock alone, maybe the Sim. For everything else, the Rowland wins. I also want to say that my preference is, very much, a laid back, smooth sound. That is why the Rowland works for me.
I haven't heard the Sim, but I spent a long time auditioning the Rowland 112 and 10, before buying the Rowland Model 12 monoblocks for my Vandersteen 5 speakers. Even tho the 112 doesn't have the switching power supply, it is very much a part of the 112, 10, 12 group, sharing admirably most of the strengths of the 10 and 12. For the money, it is a tremendous value. Even though I love the 12s, I could have easily lived with the 112 and gotten a great deal of enjoyment out of it. In short, I highly recommend the 112.