Rowland 112 vs. Model 10

I've read the web site concerning these two amps and it appears that they are very similar accept the 10 uses a separate power supply chassis. Also, in a review of the 112, the reviewer stated that it did not have "the Rowland sound" to the same degree as the 10 and that this "was not necessarily a bad thing." I'm considering buying one of these and would be interested in knowing the sonic differences from some of you who've had first hand experience. Thanks.
Jeeesh, doesn't anyone buy these things?
Suggest you also consider the new JRDG Model 201 Mono power Amp.
The 10 has a switching power supply offering (they say) much better regulation than the linear supply in the 112 (in other words, it's not just that the supply is in a different chassis). I have poor power in my building, so I went with the 10 since it is easier for a switching supply to deal with that, and it has worked very well for me.

FWIW, the advent of their new 302 & 201 amps mean it may be a very good time to pick up a used 10 or 112 from someone with upgrade fever. Then you can check it out with relatively little risk.