Rowland 112 amp. vs. Pass X150

I am interested in upgrading to either Rowland 112 or pass X150 amp. to drive Proac 2.5. Any suggestions?
While I haven't heard the Rowland 112 amp, I've hear good things about them. I have used the Pass X150 in a few systems now, and can say that it definitely will be a fine match with the Proac 2.5's with good gear all around! That X150 is as good as you can expect for anything under $5K. I used to have a pair of Proac 1SC's, and have owned the likes of Thiel 2.3's while using the X150 in the past, and it's strong!...and refined ofcourse. Knowing the sound of the 2.5's alright, I think you will be very happy.
On the other hand the Rowland is probably in the similar league, or at least close. Perhaps some one else can shed some light on the differences. Good luck
First let me state that I am a Pass dealer. I have had the opportunity in the last few years to take in some Rowland gear on trade for Pass gear and I must say that it is very good equipment. My experience has been that both of the brands are as good as you can get. I personally like the Pass sound a touch better but how much of that has to do with my being so used to the sound is hard to say. You have to realize that I have the X 600's, the X 350, X 250, and X 150 in the showroom. I am listening to the X 150 right now and I don't personally believe that there is a better amp at that price anywhere. I find the Pass a touch more transparent with still lots of delicacy and bloom. Some people might consider the Rowland a touch more laid back.
If you decide on a X 150 it is about time a turn my demo.
Good Luck!
I havent heard the Rowland 112 amp,but I think is beautifuly made.I own a Pass X-150,and I am very happy:Extremely musical,detailed and sweet!(with Siltech cables,of course)

Good luck!
I have used a Pass X-150 with ProAc 2.5s for the past year with great results. It is a fine match indeed. I currently have a tube amp in the system, but I still have the Pass, I just like to trade off with the tube amp.

Have not heard the ProAcs with Rowland, but it's on my short list of things I would like to try.
I have to agree with the rest of the group, I own Thiel 2.3's and Pass x-150 and x-1. Please do listen to both.