Routing those power cords

I'm waiting to receive a Monster 3500 which will have it's own shelf in my rack and was wondering about routing component cords to it. Is there any gain/loss in putting them thru conduit: pvc, copper, galvanised? Or just keep them separated from each other and the interconnects?
With such a device,keeping them together is eaiser. As in eaiser to keep them away from your ics.Anything else just complicates, an uncomplicated sutuation. I keep my power conditioner to the side of the rack. Otherwise the power cords get in each others way;especially if you have any stiff unruly power cords.
What I would try, the thought just jumped to mind, in reading your thread, if I were in your shoes, would be to route the power cables through a copper tube and ground the tube somewhere to real ground and listen, if there is any difference. Apart from that, you should definitely keep them away from ic's, never have those run in parallel with your power cables and if they have to cross, best at right angles. Also I would carefully avoid to have to curl up the power cables in any way and of course keep them ou tof the way of speaker cables, who should be "lone runners" anyway.