Routing cable tv thru a Marantz sr-7000

I have just jumped on board the HT bandwagon. I have new Marantz SR-7000 and I don't see any way to hook up my cable/TV to the receiver! My Sony 27" is a little old and does NOT have S-video or composite video out (it has cable in, composite video/audio in, and composite audio out). Of course, the Marantz manual isn't much help either! Any ideas (other than buying a new TV)?
have you tried using the audio video outputs on your vcr
I knew I could do that but I was avoiding hooking the vcr into the loop -- just another connection point along the way! plus, the connectors get expensive! Thanx, anyway.
I want to buy Sennheiser 600 phones. Can the headphone amp with DENON AVO8000 drive? How good sounding is the amp?