Routing along Streaming.



For those Streamers say Tidal and specially Spotify it needs help.. you all probably bought a

Router unless you use a phone jack in. If you do use a router and the 12-V wall wart that comes

with all of them. WELL! well then this thread will be of GREAT SONIC interest. I recently purchase a

PS Audio Streamer with Wi-Fi option.. Now some months passed. The other night listening to a tidal Hi-Rez

file. Wait a minute Tubes. My Dac has a 12v operation feature. which I used from day 1 > AC/DC converter

which lowered the noise floor to sub basement over 120v ac. Hmm! I’m streaming 1&0s throughout the house.

? would a better wall wart make a sonic difference thru the Air waves.

I call a friend at MUSIC DIRECT what’s available for my trial don’t want to spend several C notes on the idea.

No prob Tubes. We sell iFI ultra’s low noise wall ac/dc wall power unit for 49 bucks. Prefect Sold.

Received it this week.

But before I replaced the TIP-LINK wall wart. Before/After listening on my Sennheiser HD 700 open back phones. I choose Spotify (Herb Alperts> (All my loving) track. The first15 seconds. 3 times.Theirs a kick drum keeping time plus brass horns which can sound tinny if not reproduce well. Plus their was and instrument playing very softly in left channel. Was it a Guitar? yes. somewhat muffled although.

NOW the big switch. No burn-in hours on the iFi. r/o of the box. Replay same track. WOW!! the kick drum

impact rose at least 2+ DBs now I felt sound pressure in the ears on every Kick. Before soft bump/bumps.

The little guitar. Now I could hear its strings ultra clear & SHARP & it move forward very nicely Horns more brassy

greater depth more clarity, female voice more natural, greater dynamics, lowered sound floor to.

That’s it Audiogons. "My 49 buck adventure." Yes theirs 800 to 2K convertors do they give 200 times more MORE??    Let us know if you tried updating your WiFi router 12v power supply..



? I'm I high..

YES!  Our home is @ 4100 feet above sea level near Lake Tahoe, CA.

My router is powered with the W4S LP-1 using the Furutech SP55n PC and Furutech NCF Rhodium plugs. I know the PC and plugs cost more then the LP1 but sure helped improve the SQ. 

My router is also grounded through the ethernet port and yes there is a BIG improvement and well worth the effort.


Your the first to over the 800+ readers in this Audio discussing groups who believe in "Leaving no stone unturned" when it comes

finding all of the area’s that BIG or Little improvements may be hiding.

"sleepwalker65 questioned my state of mind." Ref: my findings

on that router AC power supply can and & do effect the Wi-Fi 1&0’s

steaming all thru our home in search for a dongle. I’m not sure if

the cleaner power supply is somehow correcting mis-shaping of the

1’s&0’s.from dirty power warts. Those of more Tech’ee knowledge may be able quantify how the (In your face sound improvement occurs.)