Routers/Ethernet Switch

Curious as to whether an "Audiophile" grade router and/or an ethernet switch would make a significant
impact on sound quality.
I'm currently running my ISP-Verizon router bridged to an Apple Airport extreme(firmware still updates)
then from Apple router via ethernet cable to my Aurender streamer/music server.
Honestly it seems to sound quite good, but I'm curious if I updated to a new router with perhaps 
a hi-grade ethernet switch-would a sonic change jump off the page so to speak.
Other side of the audio coin is of course--if it sounds good it is good-don't fix what's not broken

Be curious as to your thoughts--Many Thanks
@shellyboy1  You may find some information in this thread:

The only 'audiophile' router I know of is the Waversa WRouter. It has a switch built in (clean and 'dirty' sides).

Waversa also makes a companion switch/Roon Core, the Waversa WCore.
You can only use a modem that will work with Verizon. I assume what you are calling an ISP Verizon router is really a combination modem router provided by Verizon. If you want to change your modem you need to ask them which products work with their network. If you want to toss another router or switch in your network behind your existing Verizon modem-router there are a few products on the market purporting to be "audiophile" . 
This topic is heavily explored on both audiophilestyle and whatsbestforum.  There are ways to optimize what you have or with limited investment for good improvement.  PM if you wish to discuss further but two links I found helpful are:

(22 pages of discussion)

And for Waversa:

(Two pages of discussion)
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