Router extender.

I have a Sonos system throughout my house in addition to my primary hi-fi system (which is also connected to Sonos). Sonos seems to be very sensitive to router signal strength. This only seems to be a problem on the back porch even though distance-wise it is not that far from the router. The reason I do not run an ethernet cable out there and plug it into the Sonos device is that the problem is not with the device. Its the S2 app on my cell phone that will not hold the router signal.

I have purchased router extenders in the past (for other issues), the ones that plug into outlets, and have not been able to tell that they do anything at all. I sent them back.

I'm not super techy when it comes to this stuff and have a few questions.

First, are there router extenders that operate via an ethernet cable? It would be very simple for me to run a cable under the house from my primary cable modem/router combo and place such a device near or on the porch. If there is such a thing, are there any recommendations?

Second, I have another router that is no longer in use since the cable company installed their modem/router combo. Could this router be used as an extender using an ethernet cable? The cable company set the new modem/router up with the same name and password as my own router. When I tried this it did not seem to work. Would I need to reset the password on the older router or would it simply use the same password as the new router (again, they are the same and they have the same name)? Just not sure why this did not work.

Any help or practical advice appreciated. Use small words....again, I'm not super tech savvy.


According to what you're saying I do not understand the Sonos System. 

My situation is like yours was.

But the wi-fi on my phone comes from the router. It says so on the phone. And that is the signal the S2 app is using. I have a hard time understanding why boosting that signal would not solve the issue. It works when that signal is strong, it fails when that signal is weak.

I'm not saying a Boost wouldn't work. My potential issue with the Boost is placement. It seems moving it close enough to the porch would move it too far away from other rooms.

Anyway, the point is probably moot. We want a stronger signal on the porch so we can use laptops and pads for general use (not just Sonos) out there too and I don't think Boost does that. But could be mistaken about that as well.

You could try a desktop extender instead of the plugin type I never had much luck with the plugin where you needed to set up new wireless networks. The newer mesh type use your existing SSID.

You might want to try an Apple Airport Extreme router. They are no longer manufactured but are available in the used market. The latest model is the 6th generation upright model A1521. The earlier model is the flat model 5th generation A1408. I have used them both including an earlier generation for 11 years and have had excellent WiFi coverage and never had any issues. My audio systems are all fed via WiFi and I have never had the need for an extender. I have 3 systems in 3 different rooms and my wife has her own system in a different room. I have never had a dropout or a glitch of any kind. One of my systems is in a bonus room over the garage and the reception is excellent. We can sit on our front porch or back patio with our iPads or laptops and have an excellent WiFi signal. We have a hammock about 35 feet from the back of our house and the WiFi reception there is also very good. 
So let me explain what the issue is... the Sonos app looks for the Sonos gear as a sub system of your WiFi. The thing is, while your phone is indeed on the same WiFi, the Sonos system has created its own environment. So, while your WiFi extender is seen by your phone, the Sonos environment will not work with the extender as the extender is not part of the proprietary Sonos environment. The Boost isolates the entire Sonos system as it’s own, singular environment and is much more robust. As mentioned above, a more powerful router would also get it done... but it won’t work with any sort of extender.