I went to fire up my rogue magnum int amp and I heard a small pop, then the only tube that reacted was the V3 tube but it had a purple glow to it and none of the driver or preamp tubes showed any sign of life. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone had this experience in the past??????
jimbojrjb probably blew a tube and it may have taken out a resistor or part of the circuit board. Do not turn on again. Call your dealer and explain what happened. If your integrated amp is still under warranty they should send it back to Rogue Audio for service. If it is no longer under warranty, you should ask your dealer if they have an onsite tech who can check it out. If not, they will probably suggest sending it back to Rogue anyway.
Call Rogue Audio to discuss your issues. They are one of the more "owner friendly" companies out there.
Yes, Rogue is truly excellent to work with. Give them a call - even if it's NOT under warranty I'm sure they'd be able to help out for very reasonable rates. In think you may get lucky here and only need a change of tube(s) and fuse(s) - in which case you won't even need to send the amp off.

I've had a KT90 short out in a BAD way before, and if a tube is going down hard enough to burn out an adjacent resistor and/or scorch the PCB, then you will KNOW about it - i.e. sparky fireworks and smoke (lasted about 5 seconds followed by another 5 seconds of smoke).

On the other hand I've also had an EL34 tube (again, bad tube) go molten-red plate, and all that was required was a quick (!) shut down followed by a chance of tube & fuse.

Good luck!
Thanks guys, luckily I was able to fix the issue myself. I must have had a bad tube which blew a fuse, so replaced the fuse and had some EL34's that will suffice till I replace them with the KT90's. Back up and running before the weekend has ended!! Awesome!
Jim...did you rebias the tubes? I would check the bias on all the tubes to make sure they are in the recommended range. Glad to hear you are back up and running.
i did rebias the new tubes and am very surprised at their performance despite n
almost half the power.
I also spoke to Rogue and they recommended to try the Goldlion KT77 instead of the KT90's. Yes, less power but more "tubey" sound. I tend to trust these guys as they are always spot on. Anyone tried these tubes?
I blew a powertube awhile back and luckily it didn't do any damage other than the tube. I ended up buying some KT90's from Rogue and satisfied with the sound.
I replaced the original Svetlana EL-34's in my Cronus with a wonderful matched quad of Gold Lion KT-77's (following some good conversations with Mark O'Brien @ Rogue)......... a great amplifier now sounds even better !