Rotel955 tray closes

My 955's tray seems to close too quickly, anyone else have this problem, and are there easy remedies?
my 971 does the same but the repairman said it was in spec??
Why is that a problem? If you are worried you can't use one of those tweak discs you lay on top of CD, you are better off without them. The speed that the drawer closes is set by the OEM that manufactured the laser/motor assembly, which is probably Phillips or Sony for Rotel. Unless you are saying CDPs drawer closes twice as fast as it did last week there is no problem to fix.
I have the same unit and same problem. I just put my finger under tray and apply light pressure to hold it from closing. Then it will stay open.
The problem is caused by the arm at the back end of the tray that activates the limit sensing switch bouncing at the end of the tray's outward travel. Addressing this bounce will cure the problem. It's been a while since I have worked on one for this problem, so I don't quite remember how I fixed it, but it was a matter of making the arm apply a bit more downward pressure on the switch, thus damping the bounce.
My 971 does this and it is a problem because sometimes just setting the disc in the tray causes it to close and it can pinch a cd if it is not seated properly.