Rotel vs. Odyssey???

I'm currently setting up a new system in my theater. In addition to the HT, I'd like better 2 channel music listening, so I plan to get Revel M22's. The theater is running with a Denon receiver and Definitive Tech 7004's as the mains. So I'd like an amp to do double duty with a processor and a nice Rogue preamp to be bought later. So....anyone got 1st hand info on the Odyssey HT-3 vs. the Rotel 1095??? Outside of the missing two channels, does the Odyssey offer a serious step up in quality over the more powerful Rotel?
Thanks for any help!

I had the Rotel 1095.It did its job well. Able to amplify that which it receives. Correct Source compatibility? The right cabling and a couple of DIY tweeks & the music came alive. The outlaw m2200 out performed the rotel,IMHO. Good Luck
I had a 1075 (I think) and a Khatargo. The Rotel has a much more relax character, while Odyssey is much more neutral, in my opinion, even a bit bright depending on how you perceive the extended, airy, highs. They take longer to break in before the top end smooths out. I wouldn't call it a "serious" step up although the sound is a bit more open, but there are a lot of other Odyssey fans that will tell you otherwise.

Odyssey amps are heavy (as marketed on their website), but part of that reason is their ginormous aluminum faceplates.