Rotel vs Musical Fidelity

Hello, I'm looking for advice on a pre amp to pair with my Rotel RC-1070(130w/per)AMP and B&W speakers CDM 9NT. My budget is 1200 to 1500 new ...give or take a few dollars. I'm considering the Rotel Rc-1090 or a Musical fidelity pre...any recommendations ?
I think you can do much better than Rotel for the money you want to spend...and even more so if you are willing to buy used. I am using a Bryston B60 with CDM 1NT's and am happy with the sound however, it would not be enough power for the 9NT's I believe...maybe a Bryston BP25 (or BP20 if you dont need a remote) and a Bryston 3Bst combo would work within your price range...that would be used, but keep in mind...they have a 20 year transferrable warranty and most audiophiles take impeccable care of their equipment.

just my 2c

I use B&W N804s and started out with Rotel, then stepped up to MF gear. As for a pre-amp, I think you'd be best served with a tube pre. I'm using a BAT VK-3i and the sound is glorious. They go for about $1,300 on the 'Gon, so it's within your price range. I think you'll be very pleased.
that's great advice ...thanks I realize that MF is great gear, I just want to be sure it will work with my setup. I keep reading about synergy and was currious if anyone had any experience matching Rotel amps with MF pre's. Rotel has always paired well with B&W that is why I intitially purchased the Rb-1070. Currently, I have my amp hooked up to my Rotel Rx-1050 receiver and would like to finally take the plunge and go to true seperates.
Cary SLP 88 - will be perfect or The New Sonic euphoria, the Rotel is a nice amp and with Cary it'll be an excellent choice to keep after several upgrades, So Its been one piece I'v worked around. Its been modified at the stage of new oil caps, Which was a monsterous upgrade. That pre contend with many pre to the 10k point. The sonic Euphoria is also in the price range And as well is killing the likes of many ultra-hi-end pre's.

I own a Cary & have ordered the PLC fully balanced. Its rare for me to keep a preamp after a new purchase. Thats how good the slp88 is. My power source is a Plinius SA102, and prior to that it was a Aragon 8002-Very close to Rotel, the Aragon may be a bit warmer an less analytical compared to the Rotel.
Just get a used Musical Fidelity A300 150 wpc integrated for $1,000 and forget the whole pre amp issue. Another option is the Adcom GFP-750 for ~$750.00 used. I would not buy the Rotel pre, maybe M-F pre.
I recommend a more powerful amplifier. I have the CDM9 NT's. When I first got them they were paired with a 150 w/ch amp. Good. I upgraded to a 200 w/ch amp, GREAT! These speakers LOVE current. You may want to consider something along these lines. Good luck.