Rotel Users - Which Amp to Choose

I can purchase Rotel RB908bx,an RB981 or their new 1070 within the same price range. I am looking to have them drive either B&W 602s or Paradigm Studio 20s. Purely for stereo use. Is there a preference in quality and operation of one model over the other. Rotel tech support told me that the lastest model has superior parts and circuits.. but that's his job to say that too. Please advise. Thanks
If they are truly the same price, get the 1070. It has the newer styling, and has the ability to turn on/off via a 12V connection on the back (so you can turn it on and off via the pre-amp's remote).

OTOH, I have been told that these amps are internally identical, and they sure sound that way to me. If you can save a couple hundred with the RB-981 (and don't care about the styling or the remote turn off/on), then go that route. The 981 is discontinued, of course, so it should be cheaper than the still-current 1070.

I'm not familiar with the 908.

- Eric
Fullrun. I see you have another thread running asking general questions about what amp. Do you have a preamp already or one in mind? 130 watts is more than plenty to power the speakers you have chosen. Those Rotel's are nice, but at that price point less watts and better quality is the way to go if you don't need that much power.
As an owner of a Rotel 991 would have to say that if you like the Rotel amp sound I have one suggestion for improvement on that ! Use a Kimber KCAG interconnect to really make the Rotel shine! Made a significant improvement with my system ! I Am trying the Kimber Select 1030 now but is not yet fully broken in but is sounding very good!!!!
Sugarbrie is right. I like Rotel, but there is no shortage of 50 watters that sound better.
The Rotel 1070 sounds great with the 602s and one advantage to buying new is the five year warranty from Rotel. These amps also benefit from aftermarket power cords: deeper bass, blacker background, etc.
PS - Although the new Rotels share a similar circut design witht the older models the new ones have improved filter capacitors among other things.