Rotel tuner performance after 2000 model year


Has anybody try the new Rotel RT02 tuner? Models after year 2000 like Rt02, RT961 and RT955, which one sounds better? Are they sound as warm as old RT4155?

I just bought and return the Yamaha 492, use cable as antenna, sound more noisy than my car's FM station.
What is your budget? If you are not stuck on Rotel, there are other nice tuners out there. Would you be interested in a vintage dial tuner? These will outperform most digital tuners at the same price for the used vintage tuner.

Rotel's best digital tuner was the RHT-10. Very hard to find on the used market. Next is the RT-990BX. The best vintage dial/analog tuner is the RT-1024.

Your statement regarding analog tuners outperforming digital tuners at the same price is almost categorically false, although your comments on the Rotel are correct.

For about $200 you can buy a digital that will top any vintage analog costing less than about a thousand bucks, and it will do it in all the right audiophile approved areas, especially high frequency definition and imaging. In fact, you can do it for more like $50.

It's time this vintage analog tuner myth died a much deserved death.
So a $200 digital tuner will outperform the classic analog tuners by McIntosh, Marantz, Kenwood, Sansui, Tandberg, Yamaha and others ???

Which $200 digital tuner are you referring to?? I am sure everyone will want to get one.

Me thinks me smells a troll.

But for you Yxlei; check out these websites.....