I have bought Sonus Faber Cremona Ms floor standing speakers and want to upgrade either my Rotel RB1080 and RB1082 pre /power amp. Does any one have any ideas about PRIMALUNA
The prologue series is not very impressive, but the dialogue series is much better. You may have power issues driving the SF's though. These tube amps are not particularly powerful.
I mated Cremona auditors to the prologue mono blocks with great success. I believe the cremonas are even easier of a load than the auditors, so power shouldn't be an issue. Regardless, I've seen many posters who have paired auditors and primaluna together.
My Primaluna Prologue 6 monoblocks with NOS tubes, is quite impressive.
I have a Prima Luna Prologue 5 with Opera Plateas and a Prologue 2 with Ascend Sierras. As long as you do not need ear splitting sound, the amount of power should be OK. The Prima Luna Prologues are plenty impressive.

Quicksilver 88's are great with the CM's.
I briefly used my PL 6 monos with Cremonas. The Cremona does need some grunt (I'd call it a "modestly difficult" speaker to drive), but that particular PL model was a very good match. The Cremonas ended up in my living room with a smaller, more "style consistent" mate (Pathos Classic One/Digit) for WAF reasons, but I'd be happy with the sound either way.

I have PL3 (sold) mate with PL6 monoblock (currently for sale ) driving my Dahlquist DQ-10 ( power hungry ) and the result is much impressive..

I wish I can keep it but kids needs extra $$ for school.

When time comes again...I will definitely buy " PRIMALUNA

PROLOGUE PL3 & PL6 ) and put it back in my system.