Rotel speaker pairing advice

Hello, I have a rotel 1070 pre and 1080 power matched with an original pair of Boston Acoustic A100s. Yes, it's time for new speakers!

I listen to equal parts vinyl, streaming, and high bit rate mp3s. I lean toward jazz, reggae and classic rock. My wife, pop and rock.

I'd like three ways, perfect world under $2k, willing to go used...

Any suggestions welcome and appreciated. Thank you.
What did you like and dislike about the A100's, and just curious as to why you want a 3-way speaker?
You have to be a bit more specific. There are literately thousands of speakers to choose from in your price range. What have you heard so far that you like?
There are not that many speakers that much better than A-100's, listen with your ears wide open.
Years ago Richard Vandersteen suggested that Rotel amps were his preferred entry level gear for use with his speakers. Down the road, you might want to upgrade the Rotels, the Vandersteens would do well with a better though not necessarily too expensive amplification upgrade. That is of course, if your room and tastes accommodate the Vandersteens.
I use Vandersteen's myself. Overall, they are my favourite speaker. I've heard them with Rotel and they sound fine. You still need to listen to them, though. They tend to be very revealing and transparent, and not everyone likes that type of sound.
How big is your listening room? How far from the speakers is your listening position? Three ways may not be the best way to go.

As far as the amp goes, the Rotel amps are fine and will produce a pleasing sound with an almost countless number of different speakers. The question is one of what you like in terms of the character of the sound.

As asked above, what do you dislike about the Boston Acoustics?
I have Rotel , I use it now for HT as I prefer tubes for 2 channel music .
If I was looking for a speaker for the Rotel , I would look for a warm sounding speaker as the Rotel can be a bit bright on the top end . I had the Rotel paired with JM Lab speakers and a NAD CD player... one heck of a sound stage ! But there were some CD's that would make your skin crawl . And the JM Lab and NAD are on the warm side of things .
Given that , the warmest speaker that I have heard is the
Von Schweikert VR 4 JR. Used , these should be in your budget .

Happy Tunes

What type of Rotel amp are you talking about, the newer Class D ones or the older, traditional type?
The older traditional type , a 1095 .