Rotel RX-975 compatible with a moving coil cartridge?

I'm considering adding a Denon DL-103 cartridge to my U-Turn Orbit. I have a Rotel RX-975 receiver, but I want to make certain that a moving coil cartridge will be compatible with this rig. Can anyone offer any guidance? Thanks.
Only MM with that receiver. Not sure you'd be gaining much on that starter deck. I'd use a Nagaoka MP110 and get a separate phono stage. 
So you're saying that my turntable does not quite have the capacity to take advantage of what I'd be adding with a SUT and MC cartridge?  Also, why do you recommend the Nagaoka MP110 over other cartridges?
Yes. The MP110 is the best of the lower priced MM. Not saying there may no improvement, it’s just that the TT and arm, while reasonably good, wouldn’t do justice to the effort. Anyhow, the Denon needs a heavier arm to shine.
"If you have enough volume no the volume control", there’s nothing wrong with feeding a moving coil cartridge into the moving magnet input of the Rotel.
Audio Research have this setup only on many of their phono preamps.

Cheers George