Rotel RX 1052 with B&W 703's and a B&W 750 Sub

I plan to run a Rotel RX 1052 with a pair of B&W 703's and a B&W 750 powered sub. I know I can run them together with the 1052 but I am being told that the volume control on the receiver/amp will run/overide the volume control on the sub. The sub volume would not work independent from the amp/receiver. Is this true? Can I wire the system where the sub volume works by itself? The sub does not have binding posts, it has plug in jacks.
Iff the 1052 has preout jacks on the back then hook your sub up suing those and then the olume control on the back of the sub can be used. Run you 703s full frequency and set your sub roll off/xover to 10 db above where the 703s start to roll off. i.e if the freq. response on the 703s go down to 45 Hz then set you sub Xover to 55 Hs.
Thanks miner42 i will give that a try. I appreciate your time.
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