Rotel rsx 1550 or Onkyo 906

Please give some opinions if you own the new Rotel 1550 or 1560 receiver. Room equalization is not a big deal to me. My room is small 14x16 with no furnitures except my little recliner. Thank you in advance.
I was looking online about the 1560 and it looks quite nice. I am also looking into buying a new receiver as well. I would be very interested to hear if anyone in Audiogon have experienced in either the 1560 or the Onkyo 906. The Onkyo 905 seems to have a lot more power rating and much heavier. The Onkyo 906 seems to have more features than I have ever seen!! Did you see all the badges in front of the Onkyo 906?! I would not be surprise if the 906 makes coffee for you every morning. ha ha ha
I've got a 906 and I love it! Had a pioneer 94txh before and a lexicon/proceed setup before that and the 906 is better than both. It was a very big step up in the audio and it was jaw dropping the diff it made on video scaling. Don't know much about the rotel but I highly recomend the onkyo.
I moved from a Anthem avm30 bryston 9bsst combo down to this little receiver. I am shocked! I cant believe how good flagship receivers have gotten. I loved my Anthem/Bryston combo, but Im not missing much. Throw in all the latest formats and I think I'll just stick with Hi end receivers from now on. Blown away.

The 2 channel presentation is a little more in your face, but not at all harsh. A front row perspective. Sacd sounds fantastic. MOvies are top knotch. Blown away, I never would have guessed a onkyo could make such fantastic music.

This budget gear is really starting to amaze me. Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars on anything besides speakers for me.
I'm currently using some power hungrey 4ohm speakers. Guess what? The ONkyo 906 is more then up to the challenge. Simply use the bi amp 4 ohm setting, and your pumping out some serious power.....big amp power! Volume will not be a issue with this bad boy in home theater or stereo. Buy a pair of hard to drive Magnepan 3.6's, bi amp the little boogers and cross them over at 60hz-80hz and watch this receiver go to work on them. Volume levels that hurt my ears, and notice no hint of dynamic compressions at these loud volumes.