Rotel RSX 1550 and RMB 1585

Help! Please!
Neither of Rotels will come on. I was just using them a while ago and now nothing. No lights, No Nothing.
I have removed both plugs and connected directly to another outlet with a light to ensure there is power and still nothing on either of them.
Unit was plugged into a surge protector and all other components are working on the surge protector currently.
Looks like the fuses can’t be replaced unless someone feels otherwise. It says they are inside the unit in the manual.
Any help is appreciated.
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Well if you unplugged them and let them set, any thermal overload should reset. If you're sure you have a good 120 vac supply.
No breakers you can see? 

What else is left BUT to look for a fuse, inside or not.. If you don't feel safe changing or checking the fuse.

Grab a neighbor kid you don't like.. :-) LOL

Take it to some one.  

Hope things get to working with a fuse or something..