Rotel RSX-1067-Yamaha RX-V3000 or DSP-A1

PLEASE HELP I have 3 units Rotel RSX-1067-Yamaha RX-V3000 or DSP-A1, I'll be using one of them for home theater. Not a big concern but all have a tuner except the Dsp-a1. I'll pair them with a couple of Adcom amps. a 5500 & a 5503 for 5.1 using all B&W CDM Series speakers. Can someone give me there thought,a little input on which one to use? It's kinda hard to A-B them. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated
As usual, listen with your ears and select the one you like best. No one on this forum can answer for you, they do not have your room or tastes. Really.

I would use the Rotel RSX-1067.
Yes agreed with Tis49. Chivinnie is right in that your ears will be your best judge & jury so to speak. But you asked for feedback and opinions. For what it's worth, looking strictly at brands, manufacturers' resputations & integrity, resale value, and truth in advertising, Rotel has THE solid reputation. The RSX-1067 is an excellent (albeit somewhat vintage AVR) but still solid as a rock. When I look at the brands of components I've had over the years (NAD, Marantz, Yamaha, etc), my Rotel components had the absolute least quality issues and repairs if any with superb sound. They are a highly reputable manufacturer. Hate to say it but Yamaha falls into the mass market (Best Buy) consumer type audio component category now. Just my opinion but have been at this hobby for decaces now.