Rotel rsx-1067 vs Arcam avr300

Help. Trying to choose between both units.

I was told by a dealer that the Rotel is not as good of a unit as they advertise. Arcam is much better bang for the buck. For that matter, is looking at a Denon 3805 completely out of the range of the Rotel and Arcam? Will listen to movies and music about 50/50 of the time.

Does anyone have any comments?
I wouldn't recommend the RSX1067 - Better to get RSX1056 and add better two channel amp. If your gonna listen to music, definitely stay with Arcam or Rotel over Denon. Also depends on your speakers, my Rotel very detailed on my NHT's. Thinking about going to down to a dealer and listen to the Arcam 300. The rotel is a good buy, close to buying their entry level processor and some amplification to go with it. how much can the Arcam 300 be had for?...
I'll bet the dealer doesn't carry Rotel, so naturally the Arcam is "better" for him. That said, I don't think you can go wrong with either the Rotel or the Arcam, they both make very nice equipment and both are a step above the Denon, especially for music. I'd try to hear both and all things being equal, go with the best deal.
The Arcam is sonically a better piece in my experience than the Rotel.
However, You'd still do better all around with something like an Outlaw separates combo.
Still the Arcam is sonically a pretty piece(as a may even add an amp down the road, but you still HAVE TO SET YOUR SPEAKERS TO "SMALL" nonetheless).
Yep, I'd go Arcam for sonics as a receiver. The Denon is probably a "tick" better than the Rotel sonically, but close though....comes down to system matching there.
My vote goes to the superior Outlaw stuff for the money($1700 for 7 channel amp and pre!)