Rotel RSX-1067

Does anyone own the Rotel RSX-1067 A-V receiver? If so, what is your overall opinion of this unit for music reproduction in 5.1? Is it powerful? Does it produce great slam and bottom end punch? I've always viewed Rotel receivers as being more polite and kind and not ideal for rock and roll, classic rock, and rockin' blues music. What's your overall opinion and how would you review it for this kind of music? I'd like to know what the rest of your system consists of too. Many thanks.
I'm not familiar with the receivers from Rotel. But can tell you that most receivers I've ever heard are NOT as strong as comparable powered separates, even from Rotel themsleves! Some receivers have done much much better in regards to current deliver, dynamics, impact etc, from my findings, however - so you might just have to try yourself. If you don't like, return or sell it.
Usually, receivers offer a somewhat softented dynamic, I've found, and amp section's powersupplies therein have to drive lots of components, in the receiver, not just the speakers. The results are usually not as strong of a current delivery and effeciency delivered to the speakers, all things being equal.
But, traditionally, the rotell stuff has been pretty dynamic. So you might give it a shot. Good luck
Thanks Flrnlamb. You're absolutely right about seperates but they're probably not in my future. I was just trying to get a consensus about Rotel sound vs say Marantz or NAD. I must have a receiver with guts, punch, and slam at the bottom end yet with delicate highs and pronounced detail. My current Marantz A-V receiver accomplishes this but is something better out there say in the $1500.00 area? Thanks again.
Well, after much research and auditioning, I went with the Rotel RSX-1057 this week (not the 1067 as this was just not in my budget). It's one powerful little machine though. It's only a 5.1 surround sound receiver but that's all I need. I simply don't have the room for 7 speakers plus a sub. This thing is has more music sound choices than other a-v receivers out there plus all of the standard surround sound circuitry for theater. It doesn't have that Audyssey MultEq but with a good SPL meter, a tape measure, and a tuned ear, you can set up your system without it. That's the way I did it with my previous a-v receiver. The set up menus can be overwhelming at first glance but if you stick with it and study that manual, you'll get there. You do need a tv monitor with an RCA jack input to set up the unit with its OSD. It needs a good breaking in and right now, it's sounding just a tad bright but that should settle down over time. So the upgrade bug bit me again !!!