Rotel RSX 1065 vs. Yamaha RX-V2400

Hi -- I am beginning to build as good an AV system as I can afford to give my family. The Speakers will be Energy Veritas 2.4's up front with Veritas Center and Rears -- Probably a 12" Energy Sub. For space and financial reasons, I think I will be going with an integrated receiver. The Rotel RSX 1055 and 1065 were recommended to me and I believe they are due for upgrade this month -- allowing for possible used purchase. The Yamaha RX-V2400 also came highly recommended even though it costs less. The family room is 24' X 28' if this matters much. It has been many years since I have kept up with audio equipment so all help/opinions will be appreciated. Thanks and Be Well, Dan
If it fits your budget, go with the Rotel RSX 1065.

Good luck,
What do folks think about instead going with a panny xr45 for a HT setup?
Definitely look into the Rotel 1055 or 1065. Energy Veritas and Yamaha are really a bad mix together because the Energy's run a little bright up top and Yamaha also is pretty bright up top and they have exaggerated Dynamic range. Your room is pretty good size so I would recommend the 1065 at 2000.00 or better yet look at the Rotel RSP-1066 preamp and RMB-1075. The seperates run 2500.00 for the pair and they cannot be beat for the price.

Good Luck on your system.