Rotel RSX 1065 vs. Denon AVR 5803

I am looking for a comparison of these two units or others in the same price point. This for a bedroom system. I already have nice separates but for space purposes and considering what equip is really going to used I have concluded integrated is a better solution. Thanks for the input.
and why would you want a 5803 for a bedroom system?
look at the linn classik movie
For a good price why would't I want one for a bedroom surround system if its good quality?

See my response above to the Rotel 1055 vs. Denon 3803. The 5803 has the same "sound signature" as the 3803..warm, full,even throughout, etc. The major difference is that the 5803 has more power, more connectivity, better DSP processing and more features than the 3803. For HT, there is no better receiver than the 5803...especially if you're doing a custom installtion and can afford to build a dedicated home theater room. The processing and bass management flexibility alone on the 5803 blows the Rotel away.

However, for music the Rotel 1065 sounds better than the 5803. Even in "pure direct mode" the Denon is no match for the Rotel. And even though the Denon has more power (per the spec's..170W vs 100W)you will find that Rotels power in "actual usage" is very close to the Denons. That's because the quality of Rotels amps is second to none.

For bedroom use i can't imagine your need for a processeing "behemoth" like the 5803. For just bedroom use I would save money and buy the Rotel 1065. Believe me you won't regret it.

Truaudiophile thank you for the truly helpful analysis. This exactly the input I was looking for. The Denon piece seems as good as you say but in my application music is probably going to be more important even though TV is more used. The power analysis was also very informative because I am not going to be driving really large power hungry speakers. Rotel seems like the best bang for the buck in this application. Thanks