Rotel rsx 1058 or marantz mm8077

Hey folks novice guy here!

I am looking at the Rotel and the Marantz used of course.  Is one better than the other?  I know the Rotel is older but I hear a lot of great things about the power.  The Marantz will hook up to my TV but I am not as concerned about that as I am quality and power.  I have almost decided to just buy a sound bar for the Tv and get a good used stereo for the house, I want to be able to hook up a cd player and a turntable.  Is this possible with both?  Thank you in advance.

OP why spend several hundred $ on a used Rotel or Marantz when you can get a Quad Vena,Cambridge Audio Azur 841/851 or Audiolab M-One for around the same $ that will SLAY either of your two choices in every performance aspect?
These "Control Amp’s" have all the connections you need INCLUDING Phono Stage,Optical Input for TV,Analogue RCA & Coaxial Digital Inputs for CD Player & BlueTooth!!!
All will also scale up to much much much better speakers(up to about $10,000.00)when upgrade time comes which neither the Rotel or Marantz will do...
The asking price on both of these is $200.00 bucks ??  I can get the above from Cambridge for that price?? 
^^^ sadly no.When I googled the amps I got the retail pricing..A brand new Vena is $500.00,the Audiolab is $800.00...A used Azur can be found sometimes around $400.00..
To be honest if I were you unless your old amp is shot hang on to it and keep saving.The performance difference will be well worth the wait!