Rotel RSX-1058 ..or.. Arcam AVR-350

Hey guys, am going to replace my YAMAHA RX V1600 soon and have settled on either of these units. Any of you have or had either of these units ??? Likes/dislikes ???
I run a 5.1 system, Acoustic Energy speaker system. I am more interested in STEREO sound reproduction than movie soundtracks. Dont watch that many movies !
Will also be upgrading my DVD unit and am wondering if either of these makers make a "GOOD" universal player, better at audio than video. Which ever receiver I buy , I will probably get that makers universal player also.
NOT going Blu-Ray just yet. Ant comments would be great. Thanks
With regards to universal CD/DVD players, I highly recommend the Marantz DV-6001 Universal CD/DVD/SACD (multi-channel) player with a list price of $499.00 new. Rotel and Arcam both offer Universal players. Rotel has two but neither offer SACD capability. Arcam's one Universal player does and it's in multi-channel output.

Purchased the Marantz unit preowned but practially new right here on Audiogon last year from a highly reputable member. I'm using it for music mostly and now I've entered the all new world of multi-channel SACDs. Don't discount them. The sound is simply downright superior and the details and things you hear are incredible over 5.1 multi-channel output. Beware that some SACD players have only 2 ch stereo output. While classical symphony music dominates the SACD market, there are some great choices of other music such as classic rock, jazz, etc. Amazon is a great site for these.

I have a Rotel RSX-1057 AVR which is close to the 1058 in power output, etc so I would recommend that one. I personally have no experience with Arcam components. I'd love to audition one of these days.