Rotel RSX-1056 or Denon 3805

I am trying to decide between the Rotel RSX-1056 and the Denon 3805 for a HT. They are within $50 of each other and appear to have similar capabilities. Has anyone had any experience with these two receivers?
I've tried both brands, various models. The Rotels are better-built, better-sounding, and easier to work with.
I like my Rotel 1066.
I gotta chime in for the 3805 here. I got one of these and i love it. The remote looks cool but really sorta sucks. Other than that, it is built like a tank, powerful, and sounds fantastic. As far as price vs performance with receivers you just cannot beat the Denon 3805.

as far as easy to work with, plug in the Mic on the denon and it does its own calibration and does it pretty well from what i hear. I havent gotten around to getting a mic.