Rotel RSP 976 or Adcom GTP 500 ?

Expanding my stereo for home theater capabilities and incorporating the Rotel. Question is, which of the two has the better preamp? If I use the Rotel as preamp the Adcom will be used only as auxillary input for it's tuner and phono amplifier. If I use the Adcom as preamp, the Rotel will be used in the tape loop solely for surround processing. System is otherwise as follows:

Stereo speakers (room A) Klipsch Forte
Front surround speakers (room B) Cambridge Ensemble
Amp - Kenwood Basic M2A

Center speaker (room B) 2nd pair of Cambridge Ensembles
Amp - Kenwood Basic M1A

Surround speakers (room B) Cambridge The surround II
Amp - Kenwood Basic M1

Sony C77ES CD player
Fios Digital TV
Sony bluRay player
Phillips 437 turntable / Ortofon cartridge

Interested in others' opinions of these two preamps. I do plan on listening both ways to decide for myself.


- Steve
I have owned both units and would say the ADCOM is much better for 2-channel. Those old Rotel processors sound like crap for music.... Good luck!
Thanks. I did what was easiest, place the Rotel into the tape loop of the Adcom GTP 500. The Rotel / Kenwood M1A combo is a clear improvement over the Adcom GSP 560. I'll have to see how it sounds with music in 2 channel vs the Adcom GTP 500.