Rotel RSP-1066 vs. 1068 -- Video Throughput

I currently own an RSP-1066 and the sound quality is fine for HT use. Two-channel sound quality is not a factor, since I switch to a Forte Model 2 for that. I'm running Forte Model 4's on mids/highs and Adcom GFA 555 Mk2's on the subs.

I'm purchasing a wide format projector soon. I've heard that the RSP-1068 handles video throughput better. If this is true, how much difference exists? I do enjoy a nice image, so even a small difference will influence my decision. If the difference is "barely" noticeable, I wouldn't consider it worth the added $ or time.

Go to Google search and type in Club Rotel. The Rotel fans there can probably answer any Rotel questions.
my 1068 works just grea for video, I also like that even though componet cables are used it switches to allow the on screen menu to appear wich alot of companies dont bother with