Rotel RMB-985 or new Amp?

I have a Rotel RMB-985 pushing B&W Nautilus 805s (x3) in the front and B&W DSM6s in the rear. This is accompanied by a B&W ASW-3000 Sub. I'm about to pull the trigger on an Onkyo Pro 885 (same as Integra 9.8) to replace my fading Sony 9000ES pre/pro.

My question is about the 985. Its nearing 10 years old. Should I consider replacing it in the near future? Has amp technology gained ground like that of the pre/pros? Other than the additional two channels, would I gain much with a newer amp? At the end of the day, I guess what I would like is the amp that is well suited for my pre/pro and speakers.

As always, I appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

Hi Dave,

Unless you have a problem with the sound as is, I see no reason to change the amplification.

Depends on how much you want to spend. Spend more than the Rotel cost in the first place, and your B&W speakers will let you know. Go to tubes instead of solid state, get a different sound altogether.

If you are looking to spend about the same amount, I would suggest you look at these products because they will sound different - my guess is better bass with a little more air for around what you would have paid new for the Rotel. The Emotiva really has the potential to grab your B&W's and make them sing.

Rotel RMB 1565 - Class D 100 X 5 amplifier- will be "faster" than the 985 with tighter bass

Outlaw Model 7125 - low distortion amp w/125 W per channel X 7.

Super Good Deal Alert! - Emotiva XPA-5 - 200 W per channel into 8 Ohms X 5, 350 W per channel into 4 Ohms X 5, 70 lbs, $799. Read about here:
Thanks guys. I think you both are right... nothing wrong with the 985 but just was wondering about the next step in amps (without breaking the bank). Knownothing, interesting that you mention the Outlaw. I don't have any of their products but I've become a fan of sorts. I just like their practical approach. Sounds like emotiva is similar, though I didn't become familiar with them until just recently. So you think the emotiva is better? What do you think of their pre/pros. They have a new one coming out that is supposed to be pretty full featured for the $$.
I have heard the digital Rotels and liked them. i have not heard either the Outlaw or emotva products in question, but cannot help but be impressed by the specification to cost ratio. Early reviews on both products are strong. How can you go wrong in trying them except to hurt your back moving things around? Sell on here if you do not like it. or sell old rotel if you do.
Agreed! I'm waiting on the Onkyo 885 to arrive. After I get that and familiarize myself with it then I will consider one of these amps. You're absolutely right, there isn't munch to lose. I know the Outlaw gets some excellent reviews and the emotva looks equally impressive. Thanks for your feedback.