Rotel RMB-1085 wont come out of protection mode

so I just bought a really nice 1085 - listened to all 5 channels at the seller's house and it worked perfectly.
When I took it home and plugged it in it instantly went into protection mode.
Unplugged everything, no shorted wires, everything good. 
so I checked my wall outlet and it turns out I have the Hot and Neutral reversed.
The 1085 is a two prong power cord unlike almost every other piece of electronics gear I own.
I had various other things plugged into the same outlet (all three prong units) and they worked just fine.
Any ideas on how to get the 1085 out of protection mode?
There are no fuses inside it (that I can see) and no obvious signs of damage. 
It even goes straight into protection mode when turned on with absolutely nothing plugged into it. I tried unplugging, letting it sit, yadda difference.
Thanks for any thoughts or suggestion!
A versy sad new Rotel owner....

Did you rewire the wall receptacle for the correct polarity?

I suggest you start there.

I assume the plug on the power cord of the Rotel will only plug in one way into the receptacle. The plug is polarized.

well I tried letting it sit for a while and then plug it into a different outlet that was wired correctly and same problem...

Take a look at this. This might be the answer !
I'm not sure that was the answer but it did get me thinking - and success!
I was running the amp without the12v trigger cable and having it switched to "ON"
When I plugged a trigger cable and switched it to "AUTO" it came out of protection and worked!
Thanks Yogi!
Google is your friend,don’t ignore him. Enjoy the new amp !