Rotel RHT-10 Tuner

I have heard this is a decent tuner. But there dosent seem to be much information on the web about it. Does any body have an opinion about the sonic quality of this tuner?
I own several former Stereophile Class A tuners. All of them clearly deserve that classification but the sonic transparency of the RHT-10 is clearly the best. In a league of its own and unbelievably hard to get (Rotel's other models current and past are no where near the quality of this tuner. It was their all out effort in the mid-1990s). Completely leaves the Magnum Dynalab Etude and Fanfare FT-1 noticably lacking. Stereophile thought so also degrading their classification of these tuners. But unlike Magnum Dynalab, that have some of the best customer support in the business, it was not an easy thing to get replacement parts for the RHT-10. I got an extra display for my RHT-10 (without a display what would you do)? Extra panels and other cosmetic items are not available. We, as a high end community, should support groups like Audio Research that treat their older products with the same pride that we do as customers and have almost every nut and bolt for components over 20 years old. Back to tuners, my other tuners I use in an alternating basis are: Audiolab 8000t, Meridian 604 (the digital output bigger brother to the current 504), Roksan Caspian (I previously owned 4 top McIntosh models). By the way, if have to go on the cheap for a tuner I highly recommend the mid to late eighty's NEC T6E or NEC T601E Tuners (Former Stereophile Class B and remarkably transparent and wide sound stage for the money).
I agree that the Rotel RH10 is one of the best tuners ever made at any price,but I strongly disagree about your comments that Rotel provides great back up service. I have the complete Rotel series RMB 10 power amp and passive pre-amp and I can't even get Rotel to return and e-mail enquiry.
The RMB 10 requiries servicing(caps are leaking) and all requests for assistance from Rotel has been ---0000!
It's an excellent tuner. I own one; bought it new in the summer of 1995. I suspect that the reason you cannot find much info about it on the web is that Rotel doesn't make it anymore. Like Nanderson, I too once owned a Magnum Etude; and the RHT-10 is clearly far superior.

I will say, however, that the RHT-10 could be a bit more sensitive; should be used with a good antenna.
Sorry re-read your post;I misread first time around. I obviously agree with your comments. Apologies.
Nanderson, what is your opinion of the Rotel RT 990 BX tuner? Is this one of those you are referring to in your comments? I have been considering one but I can't audition first. Thanks, Paul
Just recently purchased the Rotel rt-955...considering what's currently available these days this tuner is as good as it gets.
Hi Pcs, the Rotel RT990BX is not as good as the RHT-10. Rotel technical staff admitted that also. And admitted that without hesitation. But it is none the less a good tuner especially for the price. But a better used buy would be the Audiolab 8000t.